Inside London’s ‘cheapest’ flat going for £750 a month with tiny bathroom and kitchen

A London flat has hit the market for the relative bargain price of £750 – but hopeful tenants might want to take a look inside first.

The size of the apartment’s bedroom is far from de luxe, offering just enough space to squeeze in a double bed and a wardrobe.

It also comes with a bizarre and tiny bench which has been positioned next to the bath in a possible last ditch attempt to make it look like a sauna.

One redeemable feature is the property ‘s location, situated less than a 10 minute walk from Hangar Lane station on London’s convenient central line, reports MyLondon.

It is also within a 30 minute walk of Central Middlesex Hospital making it a popular location among junior doctors looking for cheap accommodation with easy access to the city centre.

The one bedroom flat is on the ground floor of a converted semidetached house in West London.

A gas cooker, washing machine, and fridge are wedged between the sideboards of a narrow galley kitchen.

The bathroom is also tiny with a weird bench next to the bath that appears to take up valuable space with the benefits unclear.

Despite its size, the landlord has promised a full refurbishment of the pad with gradual upgrades when needed.

It is a house of multiple occupancy meaning other tenants will live in the rest of the property and water is included in the rental price.

Gas and electric bills are paid in addition to the £750 fee along with council tax from which students are exempt.

The pad also comes with a shared garden and off street parking, with easy access to the A40 and North Circular.

But access to the major road may be too close with cars driving right beside the house.

The busy ring road carries thousands of cars a day, pumping out dirty exhaust fumes 24 hours a day.

Once tenants manage to cross the busy road, there are plenty of fast food joints within a one mile radius including McDonalds, Burger King and KFC.

There are also nice walks along the nearby River Brent which runs towards a large park.