Brazen porch thief steals £600 chairs from doorstep leaving couple standing for dinner

A young couple have been left standing at their dining table after a brazen thief “stole £600 chairs” from their doorstep.

The pair had only just moved to the area and were looking forward to enjoying their new home and exploring the neighbourhood.

However, they were left in shock when they looked back at their security cameras to see that someone had appeared to take four parcels from their porch on Wednesday evening.

The couple, who wished to remain anonymous, have now been left out of pocket and without any dining chairs to sit on.

Susan, which is not her real name, left work early to get home for the parcels but found they were gone just after 5.30pm.

After checking her doorbell camera, she claims she saw a “chubby middle aged woman with bright orange hair and heavy tattoos had strolled off with their stuff wearing a pair of pink socks”.

The boxes included four dining chairs at £150 each, a £100 shelf, some pillow cases and one house warming gift from a friend.

The couple – who only moved to Streatham in south London two weeks ago – still don’t know what the present was.

One neighbour told the couple they had seen the pink-socked woman with a large box just after the alleged thief was caught on camera.

Furious Susan said: “We were just trying to buy all the stuff for the home and make it homely. When we moved into the neighbourhood this is not how we wanted to be welcomed. It was so annoying, we spent time and effort to look for the chairs.

“My partner was very unhappy because we had been waiting for these chairs for so long. We have a dining table but we have had to stand up and eat dinner for so long.”

Susan and her boyfriend went around to speak to their new neighbours who also reported parcel thefts on the road including food deliveries.

Susan said if she saw the alleged parcel poacher she wouldn’t confront her but just call the police and ask for a refund on the items left outside by couriers.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they had responded to the incident, with a spokesperson telling the Mirror: “On the evening of Wednesday, 27 July, police received an allegation of theft after a parcel was reportedly stolen from outside a residential property in Blegborough Road, SW16. Enquiries are ongoing.”